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time is but the stream i go a-fishing in
its thin current slides away, but eternity remains
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9th-Dec-2011 04:21 pm(no subject)
{ shameless } flash

Let me know how I'm doing with Ginshu~ am I horrible? do I need some work? Whatever it is, feel free to comment. Constructive criticism is always appreciated :) All comments are screened, and anonymous commenting is allowed. However, if you still don't feel comfortable commenting here, go ahead and email me. Thanks~ ♥


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31st-Jan-2010 09:29 am - 3: [ video ]
{ natural } spring
[ video ]

[ Ginshu doesn't seem at all disturbed by the turn of events. In fact, he's rather giddy to find that he is now officially a she. She always looked feminine to begin with, so there isn't much difference, except that she's a lot more top heavy now.

She skips to the mirror and slowly twirls around, sporting a stunning kimono.

This change would be rather convenient were I back home. Although I do prefer my old clothes. This one is much too suffocating.

[ She tugs at the obi around her waste while she walks towards the camera and turns it off. ]
{ amused } giggle giggle
I am afraid I'm not familiar with this particular holiday. I have picked up, however, that it is a day to give gifts? I did not have the resources nor the time to prepare anything worthwhile, but I have made some snacks and left them in the kitchen. Feel free to help yourself. I made too much~.
9th-Dec-2009 04:26 pm - 1: hello world
{ intrigued } can you hear me now?
[ video ]
[ The camera’s dropped to the room floor, conveniently landing on the ‘on’ switch. It’s at a strange angle and all you see is a curtain of white. ]

Oh dear, I think I’ve gone and broken it…

[ Ginshu bends down and scoots back on his toes. A full view of him is seen through the feed, his most conspicuous feature being the scales that line his face and hands. He reaches out and pokes the camera, rather affectionately, clueless to what it does or how it works. He smiles, obviously amused. ]

I don’t suppose you know where I am, do you?

[ Yes, he is talking to the camera, not to anyone who might be watching. When it doesn’t give him an answer, he huffs a sigh, and looks disappointed. Picking the device up, he sets it down gently onto a nearby desk and after a few minutes of fumbling with it, somehow manages to turn it off. ]
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